How might we make perfume more versatile to our needs?

Industrial Designer, art director, packaging designer

User research, model making, branding, video, rendering

Length of project
3 months


Consumers aren’t engaging with fragrance like they have in the past. Too many brands offer the same uninspiring product and experience. But the ones that do usually hangs off with a high price tag.

Opportunity Statement

To design a packaging system that is more affordable but still enlist the customizable features from higher end products. By getting the users more engage in the process of building their own scent identity.

“Navigating through fragrance can be overwhelming at times as there are so many to choose from. However, experiences where customers can have a more ‘hands on’ approach tend to be successful and memorable.”

- Mona Maine de Biran, co-founder and President, Kierin NYC

Sense of self through smell

Smell is closely liked to our emotions and memory. Therefore idiom uses scents to bring an element of tactility and sensorial experience to engage with the users to building their own scent profiles.

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IDIOM is a solid perfume packaging that allows scents to be pieced together, with the intention of motivating users to take time to reflect on their choices, and how scents has significance to their identity. In doing so, it can bring better judgement and rationality to their choices.

Redefine the notes

How the scents will be pieced together is inspired by the traditional recipes of of top, middle, base notes which are based on how fast the smell evaporate.
Idiom in tends to redefine the definitions of these notes by telling it as a story with an:

Intro to describing how people perceive you,
Body on how you perceive yourself,
End on what is the lasting impression you want to distill.


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