A wearable device that stimulates learning through real world applications.

The Droplet is an artifact set in 2050 that every learner and mentor will hold that will pair with AI to bring about better understanding to each individuals potential in the system.

Adobe Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign
CAD: Solid Works, Key-shot

//Droplet Wearable Device

The Future of Education

In the future of 2050, Pxl School is motivated by the goal of allowing education by:

• Open access to everyone.
• Learning with more meaningful context.
• More preparation for humans be more adaptable to change.

In addition, the roles of teachers and students will have a closer relationship in working in a loop with each other as mentors and learners to convey the notion of continuous learning. Each person will also receive an artifact called Droplet, that will track their own individualize potential using AI technology. The Droplet will also trigger suggestions to where their skills are best implemented but the users being the significant drivers of their path of education.

//Future of Education
Droplet and Ai

Our contribution to the PXL School System is Droplet; a companion that pairs with AI to bring about a better understanding of each individuals potential in the system. With AI systems engineers already studying neuroscience and deepening their understanding of developmental psychology to further their knowledge,  there becomes an opportunity to grow symbiotically with them.  The stronger their education is, the better the interventions will become AI can be trained to further the educational goals such as  implementing curriculums on soft skills to remain competitive in the future of work

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

–Abraham Lincoln

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