A shelving unit that can move with you.

Millennials have just a 50% chance to make more money than their parents. They recognize that to earn a middle class income, after graduating from a good university they must chase competitive positions in coastal cities. The highly competitive environments endured by millennials—starting in college and continuing into the workplace—degrade balance and leave other needs unmet.
We are addressing the spaces where furniture can uniquely meet the needs of millennials by considering form factor, portability, modularity, and customizability.

Start date: September 2019
Length of project: 3 months
Collaborators: Seona Jeong, Theodore Scoufis
Group role: 3D rendering, branding
Adobe Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Aftereffects, Indesign
CAD: Solid Works, Key-shot

Ollie as a bookshelf and credenza

Opportunity Space

9.7 million tons of furniture waste going to landfills each year
of Americans prioritize experiences over products
No. 1:
furniture is the least recycled household item in the U.S.

Process and prototype

For millennials, moving is not an expression of freedom—it’s a diaspora

Currently, furniture is a poor match for millennial lifestyles. Millennials move frequently. Every move they throw out their particle board flat pack furniture they outfitted their apartment with. Every time they move they start from scratch. As a furniture company, we strive to create furniture that provides millennials with a sense of freedom by supporting their mobile lifestyle, will stand the test of time, and do no harm to our earth. Ollie does not just furnish an apartment, home, or tiny home, Ollie furnishes a life.

Design for liberation:
When its time to escape the mundanities and drudgery of the city and find solitude and piece of mind, our furniture moves with you rather than ending up broken on the curb

Design to keep for life:
Assembly & disassembly ought to be intuitive making our furniture easy to transport, simple to repair, and a breeze to customize

Furniture as building blocks in your life:
Each piece will compliment your next step in life, career, and home; upgrade the materials of the components as you get upgraded

Supporting the circular economy & sustainability:
When an item reaches the end of its usefulness we help you get dispose of it more responsibly. We use ethically sourced and ecologically recycled aluminum.

Physical touchpoints
Digital touchpoints
Ollie It your way

From that notion Ollie was conceived. Ollie is a pronouncement of the values of people like Anna, Seona, and Theodore—today’s students, professionals, adventurers, and everyone in between. Ollie is rugged furniture that moves with its owners, adapts to their homes, and stays with in homes and out of the landfills.

When an Ollie is brought home, moving to a new city changes from a leap of faith to an ollie as if popping over a curb on a skateboard. This is because an Ollie is composed in the home yet poised to take off: one Ollie is a night stand; two Ollies support a desk; placed side-by-side they become a dresser; and stacked they form bookshelves. Then when the winds blow, once again, the doors on Ollies close and they are all loaded into the van to be taken on their way to the next way-point. Composed at home yet poised to take off—Ollie along with you

“Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment.”
–Naoto Fukasawa

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