A packaging design that educates users how to proportionalize their meals.

Pico began with understanding the habits of today's consumers. To design a packaging system that they can customize while building on better purchasing decisions for food.

Adobe Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign
CAD: Solid Works, Key-shot

//Branding //Labels
//Context Shots
//Materials //Connection Piece

Who it's for?

The targeted market for Pico will be for the consumer that regularly attends the supermarket more than once a week and enjoy things that would use little preparation time. They also enjoy finding items with unique flavors or designs enticing that is one of the significant purchasing factors. In addition, consumers are becoming more reliant on available food because of time consumption. These items contain secondary packaging such as plastic film or an outer paper box that adds onto the wastage production. Alternatively, many consumer lack knowledge of the origin and process to acquire the ingredients they are purchasing. Impulsive purchases waste much food or buying disproportionate amounts. These issues can be looked upon as opportunities for the packaging design. Therefore from these findings, I intend to design the packaging towards users who strive to find convenience because of their busy working schedules and awareness to sustainable food consumption.

//Material Analysis
//User testing
To Take Forward..

For the design of the packages, the idea behind it is that users can pick and build their meals based on their individual preferences. Pico's packaging will also contain a branding that can showcase the quality and narrative of the item included inside the packaging to allow users to know what they are purchasing and understand the efforts that made it here. The branding shall also have bright and bold graphics to let the build-up of the meals to be more efficient. For the packaging design, it will use materials that contain the durability of protecting the product inside while still being environmentally consciousness. All in all the overall motivation of this product design present users an opportunity to make changes themselves and learn habits that are not only fulfilling their needs but the planet that we share as well.

“Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.”

–Tate Linden

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