How might we embed the tea ceremony into a daily ritual

Industrial Designer, art director, product designer

User research, model making, branding, animation

Length of project
3 months


To design meaningful experience that can educate and appreciate tradition values from tea ceremonies into the modern world. Which was inspired from a Chinese Proverb: Do not fear going forward slowly... fear only to stand still.


Create a tea set that is targeted to the current youth generations. Create a story and branding through the product packaging and app to education youth on tea cultivation and culture.

How do you brew your cup of tea?

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We all drink tea such as green tea, oolong, herbal and so many other varieties. The components of the tea have not changed too much as it still requires tea leaves, a vessel, and a cup to drink. What has more deeply changed is the method of how we brew our tea. In a current consumer culture, we are striving for convenience in our lives. As the pace of technology quickens, the users adjust as well by their expectation of things being ready right then and now. Therefore, drinking tea follows those expectations and packaging presents itself with more about the convenience factor diminishing the value of the process of brewing the tea.

Chinese tea culture to me is a form of art in a way that it is a performative act that one must still concentrate at and immerse themselves to gain the most impactful experience. The medium Tea in itself is quite complex. It delivers different layers and depth affected by time and temperature. It is an art which I believe is known the identity contains an excellent value, but presently the story, the method, the patience of brewing tea is not as essential or even known in youth generation.

2018 beverage trends for the tea business.

  • Five of every $25 spent dining out is for beverages.
  • Beverage servings increasingly are non-alcoholic.
  • Millennials are now the largest cadre of consumers, favor tea.
  • Sales of loose leaf tea in 2017 grew in volume and value.

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The vessel

Whole leaf teas provide you with more flavor, aroma, antioxidants, and pleasure than the tiny leaf bits and stale tea dust in most mass-produced tea bags. Therefore Teatime packaging creates optimal space for leaves to expand in the container as well as the brewing time to be critical to getting the best flavor of the tea.


The concept for + was to develop a personality for the product to be friendly and easy to use. The name is derived from the word tea in the form of an addition sign to characterize all the different components of tea like the flavors, health benefits, and amount of tea leaves contain inside.


The colors scheme: chosen for the brand is inspired by the significant tea families found in stores which were oolong, green, black and white.


The fonts: uses Avenir font. The curvature and simplicity of the Avenir font gives out a similar messaging to the branding of Teatime. To emit a friendly and approachable appeal to the audience.


The labels: of the packaging design will try to enlist the characteristics of essentialism. The trend is not to block users with distracting labels from the actual product but to use the branding to elevate the product like light and natural makeup only concentrating on what is necessary.


“Patience can’t be acquired overnight. It is just like building up a muscle. Every day you need to work on it.”

– Eknath Easwaran

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