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Technology has emerged a new era of finding romance. The stigma around online dating has gone down, and the majority of people now say “online dating is an excellent way to meet people (The irresistible rise of internet dating, 2018).”Now a day, we are all drawn to bring everything we do inconvenience, simple, and on the spot. Dating has shifted into the digital platform to engage in similar criterions of ease of access and personalization but has also led to the disengagement of a conversation and brushing off the commitment of time to building up a strong foundation for a relationship. Whether you are someone sitting on the trains, taking a sip of your coffee in the morning, look up, and let’s unfiltered the space of online dating.

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Start date: September 2018
Length of project: 4 months
Adobe Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign
Solid Works, Key-shot

No more second guessing

Due is a speculative design that uses DNA to decide who is your perfect partner. It is branded towards people who are tired of choice and swiping economy and want to know who the best match for them.The idea for Due is by the idea of not having the choice will lead people to feel less anxious and comforting to know that the answer is in our DNA. It also targets to probe the questions of willing of us to accept the input of science and let it take the burden of choice away from us.

Pheromone is important, algorithms are not working. We are missing the natural, science in online dating. -Brittany Barreto, Founder of Pheramor

Branding collateral
Prototyping the kit

Learning Outcome

Animals choose mates according compatibility genes, but human interactions are undoubtedly complex. DNA is not destiny. In designing a speculate product for online dating in the future, it helped me explored me tangibly explore the idea of the paradox of choice. Even though there is strong evidence that animals choose mates according to compatibility genes; the controversy is in establishing how significant an effect on humans. Because human interactions are undoubtedly complex. DNA is not destiny. Your DNA says nothing about your culture. Genetic code can only tell you so much. As Sarah Zhang wrote in 2016, “DNA is not your culture, and it certainly is not guaranteed to tell you anything about the places, history, and cultures that shaped you. (Zhang 2017)”

Competitive Analysis

As I started to plot the existing online dating apps on a market comparison chart, it brought to my attention that there is a lot. There is an estimate of over 2,000 in North America and 8,000 worldwide (Online Dating Statistics & Facts, 2019). “I don’t think it’s great to be on too many apps when it comes to dating,” Sexologist and Relationship expert Dr. Nikki Goldstein told Bustle. “If you are going to pick more than one app to increase the pool of people you get to choose from, know that this might only add to the confusion and distraction.”

Talking with experts

To gain perspective around the space of finding love and relationship development, I have talked with 30 subject matter experts from matchmaking, dating coaches, dating app innovators, therapist as well as an astrologist. All in all, the conversation with the experts allowed me to gain an alternative perspective in online dating and gain inspiration by methodologies used in current dating industries.

System Map

In trying to figure the spectrum of choices that users need to approach on Online dating,  creating a system map helps visualize the critical touchpoints of mainstream dating apps. The process is quite hectic and looking more closely into it; there is a lot of looping happening that drives the users back and stuck on these apps. Which eventually drives them to be app fatigued.

Expert help

I also learned that Matchmakers and dating coaches help guide their clients through online dating. Dating coaches can help drive the looping process as an option and guide their clients forward in leading to a more enjoyable experience. As an example, dating coaches can help their clients screen the matches beforehand to prevent catfishing and vulnerable situations.

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App flow

Hart is to service individuals who are wanting to explore new platforms, new to online dating and help with narrowing done the choice to provide an more welcoming space for user to engage in exploring. Hart allows users to explore different spaces of online dating by creating a one stop profile which can be easily synced up to other dating apps.

Features of Hart

Learning Outcome

When I talked about choosing dating apps with Nadia, who is an astrologer and matchmaker, she reminded me that there is a disconnection on what people say they want and what is the best fitting for them. Nadia Smirnova. Astrologer and Matchmaker says: “There is a disconnection with the type of relationship they say they want and the ones they best match with.”

Leading into the Co-creation

The co-creation inquiry is: What is driving the disconnection between what people want from what is best for them?

For objective for the co-creation is to discover the peoples’ reaction to emerging technologies in the space of online dating. From the subject matter expert, many speculate AR/ VR will be making an appearance in online dating. Alternatively, genome, DNA input will also be more prevalent as people continue to scope for new ways to find their match. Participants will have the opportunity to design with conjunctions of new features to observe their interactions and feelings towards this new space.

Learning Outcome

With an abundance of connections online dating is providing, it is also limiting our decisions to connect with potential matches. All in all, it brought to me the attention that many of us navigate online dating spaces alone, and our limitations are from having conversations with ourselves. In the co-creation, when people had the opportunity to talk with each other, their shared wisdom helps each other feel more comfortable and opened their minds to try new approaches.

More Conversation with Wndr

The goal for Wndr is to create a user experience, they want to meet new people. As in an article about dating apps, a perspective by senior associate Sara Lighthall states “Those who continuously play the dating app game run the risk of becoming less engaged in their social surroundings, and reducing their neighbors to one-dimensional superficial photographs. (Lighthall).”

Features of Wndr
Branding collateral

Relationship is not easy

Think of your journey in your relationship to be like your journey in school; you need to go through certain relationships to learn and grow to know what you desire in a relationship. So far, in this journey of un-filtering online dating, it taught me that relationships are something we all need to go through with like school. It can help to learn more about ourselves, seek advice from like-minded people coming from a similar experience, and hopefully to utilize Wndr; It can make you realize you are not in this. Online dating can have a lot of pain points of having too many choices, burdening to decide, and even more, the experience of it all can be very lonely. But from this journey, it has also led me to see the opportunity for online dating to be a tool for engagement and connection — a prospect to learn more about yourself and even an opportunity to form communities.

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