How might we build a service to encourage communal support for each other’s online dating struggles?

Industrial Designer, product designer, art director, author

User research, model making, branding, animation, art direction

Length of project
3 months

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When dating online, young adults are bombarded with so many choices in potential partners that they adopt the mindset that there is always someone better.


Wndr is an app that provides a safe community to receive dating advice from experts and other online daters, setting them together on this path of finding love. Wndr is a service designed to offer online daters a resource for them to ask questions and connect with other members of the community.

Why devote a thesis on Online dating?

Not meeting my roommate's expectations

As I began exploring topics for my thesis, I kept asking myself, What would I want to  research and think about for an entire year? It was not until one night, when my roommate came back frustrated and upset. I asked her what was up. She began venting to me about her online dating experiences, saying that none of her matches lived up to her expectations.

Felt stuck and no other choice

I asked her why she didn’t try another way of finding her match if online dating was not working out. She told me that she was too busy, and she felt like there wasn't any other option. That conversation was the catalyst to understand more about the current online dating space. My goal was to help not only my roommate, but also other participants in the digital dating age who felt just as stuck as she did.



The project wndr is an app that brings the thesis back full circle, encouraging people to gain another perspective from the encouragement of others in the wndr community. Wndr aims to create an open space for people to communicate and enjoy the process of self-discovery. Many of us navigate our lives with lingering questions and fears without sometimes a solid support group to ask. Therefore, wndr’s goal is to encourage individuals not to be discouraged if things do not work the way they wanted or if the road up ahead is a bit fuzzy, but to embrace the uncertainty of it all. We are all on this marathon called life, and each bump is just a pivotal stepping stone for us to learn and grow. Let’s wonder together.


"Dating in the digital age have many benefits in having a lot to choose from. But then there is a lack of stepping out for a moment and identifying the person you want in your life"

P.J Dixon Transformational Coach

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