A sharpener that wobbles.

The journey started with the pain point of always knocking over my sharpener and getting the pencil shavings all over my work. Wu began as the wobbling sharpener. Then the brand grew and began to transform to just a product into an initiative motivated to bring positive experience into mundane activities.

Adobe Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Aftereffects, Indesign
CAD: Solid Works, Key-shot


It all began with a Question

What did I throw out last? For me it was pencil shavings. Then after 100 sketches Wu took form:

Product: From pencil shavings to sharpener the idea of the Wu sprouted from the woo~ sound made when opening up the package.
As Wu took more form, users can customize their own Wu with different facial features and clothing.
That expanded to Wu unleashing their animation to introduce their new feature. As Wu audience grew, a pop store was built to reinforce more physical interaction between Wu and the Users. The users can come in stores and develop their own Wu right there.
Wu did not stop there and expanded into WuLab to unleash experimental project with the goal of finding positive ways to do mundane activities and allowing the experience to share with everyone.

//100 Sketches
From a Product to an Initiative

The journey from a product to service, to campaign to Wu lab, was definitely unconventional. At times it didn't make sense or hard, or didn't connect. But that is ok. Wu Lab’s current initiative includes a collaboration with UNICEF and Crayola called Wume. How the initiative works is when someone buys the Wume sharpener, a supply box is shipped to a student in one of the participating schools under the UNICEF foundation. Future plans for Wu labs is collaborating with more non-profit organization to spread positivity through the act of giving.

"Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context - a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in a environment, an environment in a city plan"

–Eero Saarinen.

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